05 WordPress Installation Methods

wordpress installation methods

It is necessary to install WordPress to use it – and readers in this training I will tell you two methods of installing WordPress.

Firstly I will learn that how to install WordPress on our Hosting plan I.e., self-hosted project. And secondly, we will learn that how to install WordPress on our local machine I.e. local computer.it is not necessary to Install WordPress on your local computer. But it has some advantages. For example, if there is an idea in your mind that, should develop a website. But you did not want to purchase domain and hosting and you want to complete your site and afterward, you want to purchase hosting and domain. So that your money should not waste during the time in which your site is developing.

Then you can do this that you can complete WordPress site by installing WordPress on Your local computer. And after completing your site, you should purchase hosting and Damian and then upload your WordPress site.

If you want to install WordPress on your hosting plan I.e. Self hosted project. Then there are some requirements.

  1. You should have hosting space.

For hosting space, you contact with hosting provider. There are many companies which provide hosting I.e. BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy and UpHost these are famous names which provide hosting.

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  1. You should have Domain and thus you should purchase domain and hosting.

Domain means the name of your website when you make your website then you require hosting to save the files of your website and for the name of your website you have to do payment separately. And the name of the website is actually called domain.

Infect every computer has his own identification number which is called IP or internet protocol. When you purchase hosting, then along with this hosting you are given an IP address. That IP will be in such form I.e. (

For website and users, it is impossible to remember IPs. This is the reason that we find an easy name and that we Joint our Hosting plan or attach hosting plan with the name of that domain. And when you type the name of the website on browser then actually in back end browser is accessing to that IP. Then you require hosting plan Damian and software of WordPress which you will install on your hosting plan. If you want local installation on your local computer then you have to install PHP-MYSQL, PHP-ADMIN and Web Server on your computer.

These are so many things that it may become some complicated process to install them. Therefore, we will install it by downloading a complete package. We will download a stack with the help of which this all things will install at the same time on our computer.

Then in our next lesson we will learn that how to install WordPress on our Hosting plan.

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