01 Introduction WordPress For Beginners Course

Assalam o Alaikum…!

Readers, I have brought to you Latest version of WordPress. This is a course for learning complete WordPress For Beginners. Now I tell you the introduction of WordPress.

what is WordPress?

 Readers, WordPress is a best and powerful tool that is widely used in the whole world for creating websites or blogs. By using this tool you can learn easily, that how to create a website or blog. WordPress is a tool which updates hurriedly. I am writing here about the current version of WordPress.

Readers, if you want to create a website or blog with the help of WordPress then what is your need and which skills you should need?

  • You should have a computer.
  • Connect your computer with Internet connection.
  • Besides this, you need the basic concept of Internet. For example, how to open a website and how to close a website.
  • If you have some basic skills in CSS and HTML. If you have basic skills in CSS and HTML then you can create or develop a complete website or blog easily.

Readers, after reading these lessons you can develop a website or blog completely. Let’s come, Readers, we began to learn WordPress punctually with our next lesions.

In our next lesson of WordPress For Beginners Course online we will learn,WHAT IS CMS (Content Management System)

If you have any further questions on this Topic, Please let me know via comment box you see below or you can also contact me via the contact me page on this blog. Thank You…!


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