Viewers in previous course you have been learn about fiver TOS- terms of service. Now I think you have known about totally fiver terms and regulations. Now in this course I will tell you how to withdraw your payment. Let’s see what’s option are available to withdraw your money. Here are multiples options in Pakistan to withdraw your money


  1. Fiver revenue card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank transfer

1st is fiver revenue card which you can use and 2nd PayPal account are not eligible at this time but in few month PayPal start your service in Pakistan and 3rd bank transfer also use for you withdraw money. So 1st and 2nd option you can use at this time in Pakistan.


Fiver is international money transfer method which you can use in Pakistan. This company is offered this debit card totally free. For create this card visit this site payoneer.com and simply signup for payoneer card by your email and some your other information.in next course I will tell you this completed method.

Fiver revenue card associated with payoneer Debit Card so you must have a payoneer Debit Card.When you withdraw your money by payoneer card then you can minimum withdrawal money is 20$.

Here i have a payoneer site screenshot you can see here payoneer website….


And 2nd is bank transfer method which is mostly used in Pakistan. Its means that if you have a bank account in Pakistan. Then you can transfer your payment direct in your bank transfer. And you can minimum withdrawal money 50$ when you with draw your money by bank transfer then you will pay 3$ charges on 50$.

3 PayPal

And 3rd option is PayPal account. PayPal is not available in Pakistan. But in few months PayPal start your service in Pakistan. Then you can create a PayPal and you can use it.

If you have any further questions on this Topic, Please let me know via comment box you see below or you can also contact me via the contact me page on this blog. Thank You…

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