Fiver Custom Requests

Viewers in previous course you have learn about fiver alternative and today you can learn about fiver custom requests. It’s mean that how to send custom request to buyers or client with the help of fiver.

What is custom proposal?

Actually viewers you advertised your services or product as a seller. Same as this who people purchased your gig or service that are your buyers. Fiver gives an option to buyers that they generate your own custom request. It’s mean that different seller responded my request in that case how we can do this let see…

How to send custom request…

Firstly login your account on fiver.com and go to “My Gig” after this go to on selling menu and click on ‘’buyers requested”.

Here you can see all requests for a specific work from buyers. Now see here a requested about your gig which you can perform. Select any one request ad click on send offer. After this auto by fiver you gig attached to this request now enter a short description in 500 characters maximum. For example: I have seen your request in buyer’s request section and I am willing to work for you.

After this select revisions and delivery time and enter gig amount. Because you are in level 0 so you set price 5$ and also select gig for 5$ Click on “submit offer”.  

You can send 10 offers in one day.So you can search for your own work and send request and do work. Except this you promote your gig in high rating you can also send request to buyers. Such as you can increase your revenue and also go to next level.


So viewers after learn how to send custom request to buyers now see how buyers send you reply and how you can check it and how you can responds it viewers I have send a request to buyers in screen-shot which is i already shown. Let’s see what I have reply from buyers and how you can reply to this….

You can see here a buyers reply on Gmail account.



When you send a custom request to your buyer then they will send a reply on your Gmail account which you use for fiver and also do reply to this person by clicking on “view and reply”.  After this you will see new page in fiver site.

After this you will enter your response in quick response box and simply click on “send offer”.

If you have any further questions on this Topic, Please let me know via comment box you see below or you can also contact me via the contact me page on this blog. Thank You…

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