Viewers in previous course you have learn about how to reach in gig in high rating category by speared gig with different title. Now in this course you can learn about fiver alternatives. Viewers fiver is mostly used platform. Pakistanis and other countries people also member of fiver and earn good money.

But fiver is not only online earning platform. Except this in this course I will share with you about other online platform which is related to fiver. Here I have some online platform list which I will share with you.

1. Fiverup.com

This website is a similar website to fiver. The website created went with impressed to fiver. Here is similar work. In fiver you can offer gig price but in fiverUp.com here you can offered gig price 4$ to 100$. Fiverup also a good platform for online earning.

you can see fiverup website page in this picture


Gigbucks.com is an online earning platform. Gigbucks also used also used fiver old script. Same here are create your gigs and sell it to 5$ to 50$ payoneer card also acceptable in this site. It is also a good platform.

you can seeGigBUCKS.com website page in this picture


3. Zeerk.com

Zeerk.com is also online earning site. Here are also available gig with the name of micro jobs & free lancing services. You can also create your gig and offered it 5$ to 500$.

you can see Zeerk.com website page in this picture

4. SEO clerks.com

Whereas also noted by name this siteis basically related SEO website and gig. You can create your gigs which related to SEO. If you know about SEO then you can also work on this site and offered you gigs and service. You can offer your gig up to 1$…..

you can see SEO clerks.com website page in this picture

5. Tenerr.com

This is also online earning website. This is a new online earning site. Whereas also noted by site name you can offer your gigs up to 10$.

you can see Tenerr.com website page in this picture

6. Fourerr.com

Whereas also noted by site name its mean you can offer your gig up to 4$…

you can see Fourerr.com website page in this picture

Expect these platform are also available more online platform which you can used and earn online money.

If you have any further questions on this Topic, Please let me know via comment box you see below or you can also contact me via the contact me page on this blog. Thank You…

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