04 What Different Types of Blog Are There

What Different Types of Blog Are There

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Readers, there are two types of blogs. One is cloud hosted blogs and other is self-hosted blogs. Cloud hosted blogs are such blogs which are made by using free services.

For example, there are two services i.e. wordpress.com and blogspot.com. Which are available free of cost. You can start your blog freely by making a free account on wordpress.com on your internet. Similarly, you can make your free account on blogspot.com and can start a blog free of cost.

But, in your free or cloud, hosted blogs you cannot attach a domain. And there are many limitations. You have to work within these limits. Anyhow in comparison of it, self-hosted blogs are such blogs which you made yourself on your domain and hosting. Means you purchase your hosting plan. You purchase your domain name. And afterwards, you develop this blog.

you can see that ShoutMeIT.com is a self-hosted blog and in this blog, you can see that the latest contents which are added on the daily basis are on the top of the Home page of the site. And if you scroll down it you will see that contents or posts will see to you with respect to time and date. And if you scroll down more than you can see that page numbers are viewing to you at the bottom of the blogs Homepage.

It is also a specific property of blogs that although the new contents which are added on the home page of your blog. Therefore after a specific limit, a new post comes on top. And old posts create the next page and have old posts jumped on the next page.

Then, readers, you can see ShoutMeIT.blogspot.com is a cloud hosted blog. This is made with the help of blogspot.com. And in comparison to it, there is ShoutMeIT.com which is a self-hosted blog. It is my blog. It is made by purchasing a domain name and hosting with WordPress tool which is managed by installing CMS.

In our next lesson, I will tell you a method of making both websites and blogs. But readers, I will first teach you how to create a cloud-hosted blog and cloud hosted website. Cloud hosted blog and cloud hosted websites are useless in my opinion because there are many limitations in it. Ads of that company will show their ads on your Blog. You cannot use certain things. There are many and many limitations. Many tools which you can use on your self-hosted blog or self-hosted website cannot be used on cloud hosted blog or cloud hosted website.

Then readers, in our next lesson we will only learn to make a self-hosted blog and self-hosted websites.

If you have any further questions on this Topic, Please let me know via comment box you see below or you can also contact me via the contact me page on this blog. Thank You…!


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